IIT-Roorkee to assist in development of Metro Rail in four cities of Uttarakhand


Dehradun: Metro trains would run in the four cities of the state of Uttarakhand, covering the entire Kumbh area. The state government has started sincere efforts to make a concrete plan to introduce the Metro Train network as well as the smart city plan in the state seeking assistance from the IIT-Roorkee.

Uttarakhand Chief Secretary, N.Ravishanker had a discussion with the director of the IIT Rookree Prof. Pradept Banerjee and other scientists of the institute to evolve a plan in this regard. During his visit to the Indian Institute of Technology campus in Rookree, the CS highlighted the need of the institute in the development of the state.

He also said that in view of the Haridwar Kumbh, four cities have been identified which are to be linked with the Metro Train network in Rookree, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Dehradun. This would be done in consultation and help with IIT Rookree.

The IIT Rookree is working as Center for Urban Design and Development for state government.

Besides developing the Metro train network, said the Chief Secretary, smart cities would also be developed across the state. “Focus would be on such a technique which would be completely human free and cheap,” said Ravishanker, adding that emphasis would also be laid on making a plan which would ensure conservation of environment, of the Himalayan region, in the state.

A plan would also be made to develop and conserve the historical places with the help of the scientists of IIT Roorkee.

Technical help and assistance would be taken from the scientists of Civil, Architecture, Computer Science and Electronics department.

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