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2nd Annual Future Rail India Summit 2017

The Second Annual Future Rail India Summit was conceptualized by Nispana Innovative Platforms, committed with the objective of bringing together the National Rail Plan of Metro & Indian Railways, in order to supplement its future development.

The First Annual Future Rail India Conference in Feb 2017 constituted excellent speakers from premier railway organizations across several counties, who offered presentations and contributed to the creation of a new level of quality in the Indian Railways sector.

In summary, we can state that this thought provoking event achieved its objective and created a veritable forum for an exchange of views between different professional fields of railway sector, for the discussion of practical issues and for presenting novel innovative solutions, tools and methods.

The recent safety concerns have shaken the image of the railway sector safety. So Indian Railways is search of innovative measures to ensure the safety of passengers and cargo alike.

With the Second Annual Future Rail India Summit, we have tried our level best to up the quality of how a conference on railways needs to be addressed.

The key areas to be addressed include:

  • Safety of Indian Railways
  • Station redevelopment
  • Infrastructure up gradation
  • Involvement of IT in Railways.
  • Customer Satisfaction Index
  • Innovative financing Structure of Indian Railways and a lot more

The conference will indeed bring up a lot of business opportunities which would help the Indian Railways to overcome the hurdles in operation, with an eye to competition, innovation and provide for the implementation of various structural and technical reforms.

We whole heartedly invite you to be a part of the Second Annual Future Rail India Summit, to showcase state of the art solution technologies and to fraternize with the key decision makers in Indian Railways to bring back the image of Indian Railways as a safe, reliable and a robust organization.

Click here to know more details about detailed agenda, entree fee, sponsorship, and other opportunities.

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