InnoMetro 2022 welcomes on board Silver Partner- ‘SERTO Group’

InnoMetro 2022
InnoMetro 2022

InnoMetro 2022 – 2nd Edition is pleased to welcome on board SERTO Group as ‘Silver Partner’ for the three-day conference and expo to showcase the latest innovations and technology for the metro and railway industry.

SERTO is a Switzerland based leading manufacturer and supplier of tube union systems in international markets and uses modern manufacturing methods to provide simple and complex solutions especially for the railway sector- using tube union technology.

The diverse range of products manufactured by the group aim to provide efficient solutions for Lavatory facilities in coaches, Tube systems for pressure vehicles, Pneumatic tubing in brake systems, Cooling for power electronics and batteries, Coolant water systems, Carriage connections, Fire extinguisher systems, Tubing for driver’s compartment and bogies and many other rail systems.

Being a global platform for the latest advancements in the rail industry, InnoMetro is glad to collaborate with SERTO which has a key focus on providing everything from a ‘single source’ in ‘perfect quality’ to address the customers’ problems in the best way and provides realistic solutions to them.

Register now on to see how they provide sealed, ready-to-install and personalized solutions to the rail industry as that’s what SERTO stands for.

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About InnoMetro

InnoMetro is a global event to showcase Innovation & Technology for the Metro, Railway, RRTS, High-Speed Rail & Allied Industries being organized by Metro Rail News from 28th-30th April, 2022 virtually.

It aims to bring experts from the industry in a line to witness the latest advancements in a three-day insightful conference & expo. With a vision to maximize penetration into the key trends affecting the urban mobility sector, the event serves as a global platform for ideation, discussion and presentation of the most innovative ideas and concepts giving a new dimension to the Rail and Metro Industry.

The event serves as a one-stop destination for leading brands to showcase their products, for experts to speak their minds and for delegates to experience the latest trends and technologies in the industry.

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