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Innovations & Technology, these two words in the modern era are unarguably a source of inspiration and encouragement for many activities. These two words have significantly changed human life today and paved the ways for new dimension and explorations.

A developing country like India needs innovations and Technology in greater ratio to help people get more opportunities and make efforts for their livelihood in a wider set of options available for exploration of one’s skill. The latest technology, gadgets, input & know-how is not a fortnight’s story. It took experiments and innovations for thousands of years to reach mankind where it is today.

Letter, signs, and symbols for an example that human beings started with as a medium for his communication and conveyance of message has now been replaced with ultramodern smartphones, tools, and equipments, which may be virtual reality AI-based communication techniques coming few years. These few citing speak about the journey of innovations & Technology which had been parallel with the growth and development of human being through ages.

Its worth adding that Technology and innovation definitely has helped to add new dimensions in human life. People now can talk, discuss, integrate & communicate with any other in any part of the world without being physically in proximity, sitting at a place, seeing each other with all emotions and vibration intact on a number of virtual and digital platforms of telecommunication and teleconferencing to name Zoom, Google Meet, Teams  etc. are a few to name.

Needless to say that both Technology and innovations is the essence of life today. It not only is encouraging people to do something exciting and creative in one’s life, but it also is helping people to lead a better life. May it be walking, hearing or seeing aids, Technology-driven gadgets helping people cope with their limitations, augmentation, AI-driven technologies simplifying human life in whatever segment we can think of; innovation and Technology have created a new world. No doubt, there has been an ugly part of innovations and Technology too in the form of war, weapons and massacre but it should not be forgotten that it always has been the positive side which has given the world where we live in today.

Nothing inspires us more than fresh ideas. With this belief, Metro Rail News takes the initiative to conduct Innometro, a Global Event platform to explore innovation in the metro rail sector. InnoMetro is not just an event; it’s a rendezvous for an open discussion, a podium available to the key contributors of this sector to enrich our knowledge as to how can Technology be upgraded in Metro, Railways, RRTS, HSR and allied sectors.

A question may arise that what is the need of InnoMetro 2021? In what ways will it be different and contribute to a technology-driven metro and urban transport industry?

InnoMetro won’t just be an event; it would be a global platform that would showcase the information and knowledge sharing about the latest Technology and innovations being undertaken, at a single platform, under one roof.

We are of the firm opinion that every person in his life at some stage or the other faces some obstacles. Failure in our efforts is a part of the same story, but that doesn’t mean that we shall stop trying.

InnoMetro as an event and effort had been planned to be accomplished on a physical platform last year. But, the unprecedented Covid-19 scenario set the limitations, and it could not be executed. However, despite the pandemic conditions continue to set limitations, we are organising the event on a virtual platform this year from 28th April 2021 to 30th April 2021.

Today, we take pride of announcing the big chain of InnoMetro supporter’s worldwide to support this event as delegates, speakers, sponsors & exhibitors. We happily inform you that we have more than 100+ Speakers from 78+ County already registered with us for the event to date from big companies like CYLUS, Kalpataru Power Transmission, Sidwal, Fluid Controls, Green furniture concept, Hylco etc. More than 10+ giant conglomerates sponsor our event being the platinum, gold, silver and bronze sponsor. Last but not least, more than 2500+ industry experts from India and various other nations like Israel, Sweden, Thailand, UK, US, Bulgaria, and 78+ more have already registered themselves as delegates for Innometro 2021.

So don’t be delayed. Hurry up and register yourself as a delegate, sponsor, speaker for the mega event InnoMetro 2021 to learn and gain insightful experience and knowledge of urban transport, MRTS and the tech industry worldwide.

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