Islamabad Metro | Metro construction work halted around 11 heritage sites of the city

Islamabad Metro

Islamabad, Pakistan: The place where there is no mass transit system is not a city, said Justice Azmat Saeed on Monday.

“Whoever does not like [the idea of] a mass transit system, may move to a village,” Saeed said at the hearing on the Orange Line Metro Train project at the Supreme Court.

While briefing the court on the project, lawyer of Nespak, company carrying out consultancy for the project, said they have obtained the report of environmental impact of the project.

Earlier, concerns have been raised on the construction being carried out for the Orange Line Project.

Activists argue that the Orange Line metro track is damaging heritage buildings and sites of the city.
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Previously, an appeal was filed in the apex court, in which petitioners had requested the construction be halted around 11 heritage sites.

On August 19, 2016 the Lahore High Court had barred provincial authorities from carrying out construction work within a distance of 200 feet of around 11 heritage sites, including Shalimar Gardens, Gulabi Bagh Gateway, Chauburji, Buddhu ka Awa, Zebunnisa’s Tomb, Lakshmi Building, General Post Office, Aiwan-e-Auqaf, SC Lahore registry building, St Andrews Presbyterian Church on Nabha Road and Baba Mauj Darya Bukhari’s Shrine.

The Orange Line’s is a project of the Punjab government which promises to lay a 27.1-kilometre rapid transit line which is expected to benefit 250,000 people every day.



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