Jammu & Kashmir Proposes Metro Lines in Srinagar and Jammu

The proposal includes a 23 km line in Jammu and a 25 km line in Srinagar.

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JAMMU & KASHMIR (Metro Rail News): The administration of Jammu & Kashmir has put forth a proposal for two metro lines in Srinagar and Jammu cities. Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha mentioned that the proposal has been sent to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs for consultation. These would be the first metro lines in the region and are expected to improve public transportation in both cities.

The proposal includes a 23 km line in Jammu and a 25 km line in Srinagar.

The administration has suggested a MetroLite system since a metro line similar to Delhi’s is not feasible for J&K. Sinha stated, “While there were discussions about approving a MetroNeo for Srinagar and Jammu, it seems that, for now, we are considering MetroLite as our preferred option.”

Srinagar and Jammu were two of the five cities that requested financial support from the Centre, according to a written response by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs in December 2021.

As per the Ministry, Metrolite would have lower operating and maintenance costs in addition to lower construction costs, increasing the system’s viability.

MetroLite is a light urban rail transportation system with significantly lower costs and lessened capacity. Due to its lighter civil structures, lower axle loads, smaller stations, low power-rated electrical equipment, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and other factors, MetroLite and MetroNeo have lower capital costs than high-capacity metro rail. These systems can also serve as a feeder for regular metro rail.

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  1. This will be the best decision…we can make same like have in istanbul small and feasible for local commuters and definitely it will add a charm to the srinagar city and will make it par with other european cities


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