Journey by Metro Train|Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts for metro commuters


Like all the other metro networks existing worldwide, the one in the capital city of India also makes its best attempt to assure utmost comfort to the passengers. However, to make or break the credibility of a system, it is important for both the caretakers, and the users to come on a common track; and the same holds for Metro Train. The following article, gives some important do’s and don’ts that intend to assure utmost convenience to you and your dear ones while travelling via Metro Train.

Important Do’s and Don’ts

Abiding by the below mentioned points could help you significantly in easing out your peregrinate via metro train:

  • Travel with a smart card or token: Buying token or having a smart card is the foremost necessity to travel via Metro train. So make sure that you possess any of them before entering the platform. Though it is in itself difficult to enter the platform without any of them in your pocket.
  • Be in queue: In the peak times, such as in the morning or in the evening time, the rush is obvious. People often prefer tailgating or breaking the lines to get the tokens quickly and move ahead to the train. But such an act is strictly illicit as it causes nuisance among the people already standing in the queue. Hence it is better to be in the queue alongside others to get your job done easily and on time.
  • Be patient while boarding the train: Whenever you are about to step into the metro train, patience holds the key. Waiting for the passengers to come out from the coaches is advisable, before you barge inside. If the stations is too much crowded, being in a queue is perhaps the best suggestion. Just follow the instructions the on-duty security guard and things will be fine.
  • No smoking please: Your few minute luxury could cause severe health problem for others who are less immune to smoking clouds. Hence, it would be great if you can avoid it while travelling.
  • Do not litter: All the Metro stations have plenty of dustbins at your service, you can use them to throw garbage. But littering here and there is not at all a great idea.
  • No eatables: Do not bring eatables with you while traveling through metro as it is strictly prohibited. None of the Metro journey is so long that you start striving with hunger, so make sure you have taken enough of meals before stepping in.
  • Carry minimum luggage: The more you carry the better your journey becomes. Especially when it is to tour via metro train, where you hardly get any seat to relax, taking care of your belongings becomes too hard. Though under unavoidable circumstances, you can carry up to 15 kg of good with you.
  • Keep distance from the yellow line: Metro trains come with a lightning speed, giving you no time to react. In such a situation, if you are beyond the yellow line, you are doing so at your own risk. It may cost even your life.
  • Don’t stick bills: Metro train and station are both for your convenience. It is your duty along with official care takers to keep it clean and free of all the unwanted entities. It is therefore recommended not to stick any poster inside the train or the metro station, such an act would only portray your bad light.
  • Read Metro Rail News regularly: If you are unclear about the metro routes or want to know about the train timings, then you can ask for the metro route map from the customer care counter. Alternatively, people nowadays prefer using Metro Rail News portal to know their desired info. Hence, reading any such news portal could well help you get the all the details you would like to have. At the Metro Rail News portal we update real time passenger information regularly.
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  1. Useful notification, but at the same time few mischief mongers create problem at tkt counters n in train. This makes journey miserable.


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