JSPL upgrades Rail Inspection Line with cutting edge automation technology

JSPL installed a state of the art technology at the Raigarh Rail mill to enhance the Rail inspection line for the production of defect-free speciality rails. New technology will help JSPL to enhance the production & inspection capacity to one million tons per year.

Rails manufactured by JSPL.
Rails manufactured by JSPL.

NEW DELHI, INDIA (Metro Rail News): India’s first and only private sector Rail producer JSPL upgraded its Rails inspection line to ensure defect-free speciality Rails for its customers like Indian Railway, Metro Rail Services across India, IRCON and other subsidiaries of Indian Railways.

The complete set of equipment for this line is equipped with 5th Generation cutting edge automation technology. This includes an Online Profile cum surface inspection system from M/s. Next-sense of Austria, New Ultrasonic Testing Machine & 360-degree Brushing Machine from M/s Alpine Metal-Tech of Austria.

“We are continuously upgrading our facilities to eliminate human dependence in Rails inspection. The new line will enable JSPL to enhance the production and inspection capacity of Rails up to One million tons per year”, Said Mr V R Sharma, Managing Director, JSPL in a statement.

JSPL is the only producer of Head Hardened Rail grades 1080 HH & 1175HT for a heavy axle load of more than 25 Ton & high-speed application in the country. JSPL also produces Rails in grades R 260 and 880 for 60E1, ZU 1-60 & 60E1A1 profiles. JSPL has also supplied R350 HT Grade Rails for its overseas customers.

About JSPL:
JSPL is a leading Indian Infrastructure conglomerate with a presence in the steel, power and mining sectors. With an investment of approximately 12 billion USD (90,000 Crore Rupees), the Company is continuously scaling its capacity utilization and efficiencies to contribute towards building a Self-Reliant India

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