Kanpur Metro|RITES submits DPR to Kanpur Development Authority


Kanpur: Rail India Technical and Economic Service (RITES) has submitted a Detailed Project Report (DPR) of Metro rail project in Kanpur to the Kanpur Development Authority (KDA). The agency had been asked to submit its report by June, but it was delayed by one month due to soil testing reports and some incomplete information from KDA. Now, the KDA is examining the report submitted to it a couple of days back and is gearing up for consultations with other stake-holders for consensus on DPR.

In fact, the report presented by RITES is not final. KDA would seek objections from other departments and make some suggestions. Thereafter, the suggestions would be incorporated by RITES and only then a final report would be made. Copies of the DPR draft have been sent to the KDA, Jal Nigam, divisional commissioner, district magistrate and Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) to study and examine it and give their suggestions.

The DPR submitted by RITES is for two routes.
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As per plan, in the first phase there would be two routes. One is from IIT to Naubasta and is 25-km-long while the second one is 10-km-long and is from Chandra Shekher Azad University for Agriculture to Barra. According to sources, the cost of IIT to Naubasta route as around Rs 9,500 crore and the Metro would be underground in half of the route while the other half would be elevated. The proposed route would begin from IIT and would pass through Kalyanpur, Rawatpur, Mall Road, Phoolbagh, Kanpur Central Station, Jhakarkati Bus Terminal, Transport Nagar, Bara Devi, Kidwai Nagar and Naubasta.

Another link route would pass through Harsh Nagar, Chunniganj Parade , Bada Chauraha and Central Station. The second route would begin from CSA and would pass from GSVM Medical College, Fazalganj, Vijay Nagar, Govind Nagar to Barra-7. RITES had done soil testing at 50 points and had collected techno-feasibility report.

According to KDA vice-chairman Jaishree Bhoj, “The draft prepared by RITES has been received and KDA is discussing and examining it. Copies of the draft had been sent to other departments and it there is any objection, it would be attended to and after that the draft would be sent to the state government for approval.” KDA is planning parking lot and market space in most of the stations, she added.


The main corridor is to be 25 km. The proposed Metro Rail route includes IIT, Rawatpur, Bada Chauraha, Motimahal,Kanpur Central, Jhakarkati Bus Termnial and Naubasta. According to the plan, the metro route would begin from IIT Kalyanpur- Rawatpur, Mall Road, Phoolbagh, Kanpur Central Station, bus terminal of Jhakarkati- Kidwai Nagar – via Transport Nagar crossing- to Naubasta.On this route, 17 km track would be elevated and left 8 km would be underground. From IIT to Harsh Nagar, the route shall be elevated and from Chunniganj to Jhakarkatti via Parade, Bada Chauraha and Central Station the route will be underground.From Transport Nagar to Naubasta the track will be elevated. A 10-km secondary corridor with 8 stations is also being though of. It would begin from Chandrashekhar Azad Agricultural University via GSVM Government Medical College- via Govind Nagar Road- Fazalganj Chouraha to Vijay Nagar crossing to Barra 7 via Barra Road.From CSA to Double Pulia via Kakadev and Rawatpur Station, the route will be underground while from Double Pulia to Barra 7 the route will be elevated.

According to KDA, the DPR will be sent to state government for approval and further to central government for final approval. If the latter is approved the work would be started by January, 2016. RITES has already done the soil testing in Gooba Gardens neighbourhood of Kalyanpur sub city followed by Rawatpur and other 8 places. Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav has announced the date of 15th August, 2015 to officially approve the project.

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