KMRC compensates residents of Bowbazar

A compensation cheque of ₹5 lakh was given to 19 families on September 7, 2019

Kolkata Metro
Kolkata Metro

KOLKATA (Metro Rail News): The Kolkata Metro Rail Corporation Limited (KMRCL) on September 7, 2019 started the distribution of compensation cheques to residents of Kolkata’s Bowbazar whose houses have either been damaged and those who had to vacate their homes due to tunnelling work for the East West Metro Project.

An underground water aquifer was pierced on September 1 resulting in ground subsidence (gradual caving or sinking) in Bowbazar during tunnelling work for the project, a densely packed neighborhood.

Cheques of Rs. 5 lakh

Over 400 residents from three lanes have been asked to vacate their houses. A compensation cheque of ₹5 lakh was given to 19 families on September 7, 2019. Some people complained to authorities that they could not move any of their valuables as they were forced to evacuate at short notice. The KMRCL has assured the residents that they will rebuild the houses and take care of their lodging.

More than 50 houses on Durga Pituary Lane and Sankrapa Lane have been affected. Over 70 families had to shift to alternative locations. Half-a-dozen houses in the area have already collapsed. Tunnelling work for the East West Metro Project has also been stopped.

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