Kochi Metro Slashes Parking Charges for Commuters

Ridership increased in the Kochi Metro post Lockdown
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KOCHI (Metro Rail News): Kochi Metro Rail Limited has slashed parking rates for its commutters. Kochi Metro’s commuters can now enjoy upto 50% discount on parking charges for both cars & two wheelers.KMRL has also introduced 12 hour and 24 hour slabs for cars and two wheelers with additional discounts. For the daily commuters of Kochi Metro, KMRL has introduced monthly passes from 1st November 2020. For cars the monthly pass is Rs 1000 while it is Rs 380 for bikes. Users can park their vehicles for upto 10 hours a day.  
“We monitored the commuter behaviour for a month before slashing the rates. We have received a lot of suggestions and few complaints from our commuters with regard to the parking fee. The new rates will help our commuters to travel regularly. ” said Alkesh Kumar Sharma IAS
“The new rates will be valid from Nov 01, 2020 (Sunday). The new rates for cars at the metro station parking will be Rs 20 for first two hours and Rs 5 (Rs 10 earlier) every additional hour. A commuter will have to pay Rs 60 to park a car for 12 hours and Rs 100 for an entire day (24 hours)”, KMRL said in a statement. 
“For bike users, the parking fee is Rs 10 for first two hours and Rs 2 (Rs 5 earlier) per additional hour. For keeping the bike for 12 hours the fee is Rs 25 and for an entire day (24 hours) the fee is Rs 40”, it added.

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