Kochi Metro’s Kochi1 Anthem wins best-branded content award

Kochi Metro
Kochi Metro

KOCHI (Metro Rail News): The Kochi1 Anthem, a video released jointly by Kochi Metro and Axis Bank to promote the Kochi1 card has won the Best Branded Content Award by Brand Wagon. The Brand Wagon awards, by Financial Express, selected Kochi1 Anthem for the best-branded content. 
“Kochi Metro and Axis Bank developed the video to promote Kochi 1 card, a one of its kind banking card. There are 85,000 Kochi1 cardholders who use Kochi Metro. The cardholders can use it while shopping and dining also. The video was shot inside Kochi Metro’s stations, trains and premises and Kochi”, a statement said.
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The video created for the people of Kochi was released last year. “We are happy that a video created to celebrate life in Kochi has won accolades.” said Additional Chief Secretary Alkesh Kumar Sharma who is serving as the Managing¬† Director of KMRL.
The video depicts the life of various people residing in Kochi. The vibrancy, colour, culture of Kochi is portrayed in the city. 

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