Kolkata Metro: 3 Tunnels is being dug between Sealdah and Dharmatala

Kolkata Metro Image Source: KMRC

KOLKATA METRO (Metro Rail News): East-West Metro is going to take a fancy initiative keeping in mind the safety of the passengers. These three (3) tunnels are being dug between Sealdah and Dharmatala metro stations. The metro took the initiative so that commuters can be evacuated quickly in case of any disturbance while travelling

According to the East-West Metro Rail report, three tunnels is being dug at Subodh Mallick Square between Khabar, Sealdah and Dharmatala. The pit length is up to 13 meters below the ground. 

Passengers will be brought out through the tunnel if any journey is being disrupted. Metro’s initiative is considered to be very significant in terms of passenger safety. Meanwhile, the Sealdah station is also being specially arranged, keeping in mind the safety of passengers. Because there will be a large gathering of people in Sealdah, Metro has decided to make arrangements to open both the metro doors at Sealdah station. This decision took so that the crowd of commuters at the station does not form too much disturbance.

The construction of the Sealdah station is about completion. The metro will run from Phulbagan to Sealdah in the next few months. After that, the metro will proceed towards Howrah through Dharmatala through Kolkata from the tunnel.

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