Kolkata Metro | Authority collects penalty for nuisance activities at metro stations

Self public awareness at transport station will help in achieving the target of Swach Bharat Abhiyan even will reduce the individual responsibility of Government. It is our duty to keep our nation as clean and neat which we have taught from childhood on ward.

Kolkata Metro platform
Kolkata Metro

Kolkata: Penalty for nuisance activities such as spitting, littering , token theft, smoking and photography at metro station has became the story of daily news. Without the cooperation of public commuter, it is very difficult to maintain the beauty at the public transport area like metro and railways premises.

Urban transportation especially metro services in urban area has brought smart transportation. India is developing country whose population is growing at the rate of 1.2%, ranking 94 in the world in 2013. In order to meet the demand of growing population in different respect like employment, education, health issues etc. To fulfill all this demand transportation need to be well maintained for the convenience of common people.

Now point is who is responsible to maintain the beauty of station, is it only the Government or Private firm under which all the supervision is done?. Common people or commuters who are utilizing the services have no responsibility to keep the beauty of transport station as it is by just following some given instruction.

Solution for this problem, to just put some amount of penalty to violet the rule or provided instruction is not the appropriate solution. Commuters gave penalty, which may not be big amount for them but, it became add on point for penalty collector. Now again question arises, does that amount really get utilized in transportation services?

Fine for Nuisance activities (Source: Kolkata Metro Railway)

Recently Kolkata metro railway has collected Rs 2, 66,25 with 1036 number of cases from April to May in 2018 were for penalty for nuisance activities (spitting, littering, token theft, smoking and photography) even in last year 2017 they have collected Rs 2, 22,750 for 873 cases from April to May. It is not just a story Kolkata metro, bus, railway has a same story.

India has launched Swach Bharat Mission on occasion of 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi in 2014. The mission has achieved lots of success till now but still self-awareness of public has become just a dream.

Self-awareness of public to maintain the beauty is leading and most necessary factor to bring India into cleanest Nation. If each commuter will contribute even little bit cooperation while travelling, the result of this will be very fruitful.

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