L&T’s Tunnel Boring Machine ‘Lavi’ Achieves Final Breakthrough at RMS Station

L&T's TBM Lavi finishes tunnelling task ahead of schedule, completing final breakthrough at Rashtriya Military School Station as part of Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project

TBM Lavi
TBM Lavi

BANGLORE (Metro Rail News): On Wednesday, Larsen & Toubro’s tunnel boring machine named Lavi (DZ672) achieved its second breakthrough at the Rashtriya Military School Station on the 21.386 km Pink Line (Reach 6) of the Bangalore Metro.

In May 2022, the CRCHI slurry machine, TBM Lavi, was commissioned to construct the 1134m down-line tunnel towards Rashtriya Military School Station after its initial breakthrough at MG Road Station in April 2022.

L&T has successfully completed the construction of the fourth tunnel, marking the final breakthrough as per the plans for the Bangalore Metro Phase 2 Project’s 2.755 km package RT-02. This tunnel will connect MG Road, Shivaji Nagar,  and Rashtriya Military School.
At the beginning of the drive, L&T estimated that tunnelling would take 331 days, but the job was completed in 260 days, exceeding expectations. Lavi has now completed its task, becoming the fourth of nine machines, following Varada, Avni, and Urja, to finish all of its tunnelling assignments.

According to BMRCL’s press release, about 72% of the tunnelling work for Phase 2, which has a total scope of 21,245 meters, has been completed. L&T’s TBM Vindhya is scheduled to make its breakthrough later this month at Shadi Mahal Shaft from Pottery Station, which will be the sixth and final breakthrough for Package RT-03 (Shadi Mahal Shaft – Shivajinagar).

So far, a total of 18 out of 26 tunnel breakthroughs have been recorded, with Afcons completing 5 on Package RT-01, L&T completing 4 on RT-02 and 5 on RT-03, and ITD Cementation completing 4 on RT-04.


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