Lucknow Metro | LMRC to provide commercial spaces, shops and cafeterias at stations

Agra Metro Rail Project has got a loan of Rs.3860 crore (approx. 450 million Euros) from the European Investment Bank for constructing and implementing Phase-1 of the Metro Rail Project on December 15, 2021.
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Lucknow: Lucknow Metro officials said that they would reserve public development areas in all stations at concourse levels (where tickets are vended), in which it would provide commercial spaces for shops, cafes, book-stores, ATMs etc. Here people who have to wait for someone can relax while also waiting for their metro.

Every station has a separate public toilet for male, female and physically challenged people in paid area. Lucknow Metro team is also planning to provide paid drinking water facility at a cheaper cost to passengers at stations. Besides seating facility, lifts, escalators, the officials also plan to play slow music in all stations. “We will also run a prayer song every morning at all stations. Compared to other stations, Charbagh, Alambagh and Airport stations would have more commercial areas because of large footfall”, said a senior metro official.

The cost of project is already high and the LMRC (Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation) has to also bear the maintenance and operation cost of running the trains from March 2017. Officials said that they have already worked on the Financial Internal Rate of Return (FIRR) on which the train needs to run, to be able to make profits from the first day of commercial operation. An official said, “This has been worked after a thorough cost-benefit analysis of project as we cannot put excess fare burden on public. At the same time we also have to pay off our international dues timely.”

Lucknow Metro aims to generate revenue through fare-box collection, advertisement panels inside metro premises, parking fee, rent on commercially developed areas within stations to meet operational and maintenance cost of trains. The DPR also recommends generating revenue through real-estate development on about 150 acre land in CG City. Officials said that they develop commercial complexes on the land and give them on lease for 30 years to earn annual royalty on same.
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