Lucknow Metro | LMRC is all set to start oscillation trials


Lucknow: The Lucknow Metro Rail Corporation (LMRC) has successfully conducted another trial of the Metro train on its viaduct at higher speed on 9th February, 2017. The tests conducted yesterday on the mainline at viaduct were part of pre-requirements to conduct upcoming planned testing by RDSO for approval of Lucknow Metro trains.

Few of pre-requisite test have already completed recently at test-track & ramp within depot. All efforts are being made by LMRC to complete the testing & commissioning of trains within the time-frame considering the very tight self target set by origination.

Currently, functioning of vital equipment’s have been checked by European experts available at depot.   Lucknow Metro is already moving ahead for conducting Mandatory Testing popularly known as “Oscillation trials” by RDSO.

As per existing procedure for approval of public services opening of a Metro, approval of the Ministry of Railways is required based on successful completion of Oscillation Trials by RDSO and Safety Inspection by the Commissioner of Railway Safety (CRS).

A large number of additional foreign experts are also coming to Lucknow on coming Saturday- Sunday in regard to preparation for Oscillation trials who will be staying back till completion of the trials. RDSO testing team experts is also planning to visit Transport Nagar depot during coming weekend to start preparation for Oscillation trials.

These tests will be conducted at design speed of trains which is 90 kmph.  The test will be conducted with empty trains without any passenger load and with passenger load equivalent to crush loading of 8 passengers per square meter. To simulate passenger load, huge numbers of sand bags equivalent to about 20 tones per coach has already been filled & is ready in the depot.


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