Maha-Metro Receives Positive Structural Audit Report, Ensures Safety of Pune Metro Stations

COEPUT Confirms Structural Integrity and Security; Petitioners Seek Additional Review

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PUNE (Metro Rail News): On Tuesday, Maha-Metro released a press statement addressing concerns raised by engineers regarding the structural integrity of Pune Metro stations. Taking the matter seriously, Maha-Metro swiftly engaged the expertise of (the College of Engineering Pune Technological University) CoEPTU to conduct a thorough structural audit, aiming to identify any potential flaws or inadequacies.

Maha-Metro clarified that they have successfully resolved all construction issues at Pune Metro stations, refuting allegations made by two city-based structural engineers.

Hemant Sonawane, the Public Relations Officer (PRO) of Maha-Metro, announced, “The final report on the structural inspections of Pune Metro was submitted on Thursday by CoEPTU. The report confirms that the metro stations have passed all tests and are ready for use. This conclusion was reached after extensive site visits, meticulous observations, and a detailed investigation of the station structures, including their earthquake resistance capacity.”

The structural stability and security of the metro stations were confirmed by the expert assessment carried out by CoEPTU, reassuring commuters. 

Following the initial audit, Maha-Metro enlisted the services of CoEPTU to conduct a third-party examination of the construction work. As a result, CoEPTU issued a report acknowledging the cooperative efforts of Metro Engineers in rectifying the identified flaws.

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