Maha Metro Records Its Highest Ridership With 56,406 Passengers On Republic Day

  • – Maha Metro’s Record-Breaking Ridership of 56,406.

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News):  Maha Metro broke all previous records to establish a new ridership benchmark on 26th January 2021 – Republic Day. At 56,406 the accumulated ridership on both the lines – Orange and Aqua – was record-breaking and historic. 
“The previous best ridership figures reached by Maha Metro was on 27 December last year, when Maha Metro had locked in figures of 22,123. With these figures today, Maha Metro has overtaken many other Metro services in terms of ridership. In fact, given the trend for some time now, Maha Metro ridership has been continuously on ascend. Considering these factors and anticipating this commuter rush, Maha Metro had extended travel time by more than an hour on republic day”, it said in a statement.
In fact, long and serpentine queues were witnessed at Metro Stations, especially Sitabuldi Interchange where commuters had lined up to buy tickets for Metro Ride since morning. The concourse, platform all witnessed great rush as Nagpurians rushed to Metro Stations for a ride on Republic Day. Said, noted singer Surabhi Dhomne, “I have never witnessed such a gathering before. This is very encouraging and would go a long way in boosting Maha Metro ridership.”
The tremendous response to the Maha Metro’s efforts for ridership was supplemented with the carnival organized to celebrate this Day. As part of these efforts events like drawing competitions, skating performances, music programmes, CRPF Band, calligraphy show were organized at different Maha Metro Stations.
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“In fact, Maha Metro had made ample preparations in anticipation of this huge response. Staff was adequately deployed at all the Metro Stations. Guards, Station Staff and other essential staff. This historic and record-breaking ridership would definitely go a long way in boosting ridership in Metro trains”, it added.


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