Maha Metro Successfully Launches 85 meter long and 800 tonne heavy Girder at Gaddigodam

The assembly and fabrication work for the launching of the girder started in September 2021 at Butibori

launch of 85 meter long and 800 tonne heavy Girder at Gaddigodam
launch of 85 meter long and 800 tonne heavy Girder at Gaddigodam

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): Maha Metro scripted history with the successful launch of 85 meter long and 800 tonne heavy Girder at Gaddigodam in the early hours on Friday. For the first time such a gigantic task has ever been executed in Nagpur. The highest ever Girder launching was part of 4-layer transportation system at Kamptee Road (Gurudwara) and the work was executed after taking 4.30 hours of Railway Block. With the successful launch of Girder, Maha Metro has created a milestone.

History was created and these major records were scripted with the launching of Girder:

  • Installing 800 Tonne heavy Girder on India Railway Track is a unique record.
  • For the first time 1,650 Tonne capacity structure has been put in place in the urban India.
  • Overall, 32,000 Height Strength Friction Grip (HSFG) bolts were used in the 800 tonne Girder. Similarly 80,000 bolts have been used in the complete structure.
  • The top-most part of steel girder is at a height of 32 meters from the ground.
  • For the first time in the history of Indian Railways, 22 meter wide Steel Girder was launched across railway track.
  • Such a 4-layer transportation system is being constructed for the first time in the country.

History Has Been Made: The robust 1,650 tonne structure, including 800 tonne Girder has been installed for the first time in urban India. The complete task was executed with the non-stop work of hundreds of officials and employees over a period.

Precision at its Heights: The successful launching of Steel Girder and scripting of multiple records would also be nominated and the process has been started for recording the same with Limca Book of Records, Guinness World Records and India Book of Records. The successful installation is an example of `Precision at its Heights’. All such issues which require, Micro Level Precision were taken care of at all the appropriate levels.

MD Dr Dixit has congratulated all the Metro officials and workers associated in the fruitful execution of this challenging task over the Railway track at Gaddigodam. Dr Dixit thanked the citizens for all the co-operation extended to Maha Metro during the execution of this project. Dr Brijesh Dixit expressed hope that the balance work would soon be executed and the road, Fly-Over and Metro services would soon be available for citizens.

Creating a 4-layer transportation structure in itself is a record. While multiple records have been achieved with the successful execution of project, the Gaddigodam structure is the biggest/heaviest structure in the infrastructure sector. The structure was moved with the help of heavy duty cranes and history made, in the process. The Nagpur-Delhi Railway track over which the work was executed is one of the busiest railway line with more than 150 trains passing over it every day.

Working at such heights requires complete synchronisation at all levels. The officials, employees had to work in tandem during this entire process of execution. The teamwork ensured completion of the task in the given time frame and with utmost efficiency. The four-layer transportation system includes the existing road and the railway track over it. Fly-over and railway Track are the next two levels of the 4-layer transportation system.

The assembly and fabrication work for the launching of the girder started in September 2021 at Butibori. The huge structure was then transported to work site through trailers. The 1650 tonne structure is E-350 grade and is as per the standards laid down by Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO).

The task was gigantic and challenging not just because of the nature of work involved, but also because of the various constraints at the worksite. The entire location is very narrow and is lined by Gurudwara, School, Shops and Various commercial establishments on its four sides. Thus the task had to be completed keeping all these constraints in mind. The road and the Railway-under-Bridge (RuB) there are part of the narrow location.
Railway Block for 4.30 hours was sought for the launching of the girder. Intimation for the block was given 15 minutes before starting of the work. Maha Metro had sought 24 hour block for the entire project, of which 8-hour block has already been availed of before in phases.

It is worth mentioning that the successful launching of Steel Girder signals completion of work in Reach-II (Sitabuldi Interchange to Automotive Square Metro Station). The fly-over is being constructed by the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI).

Maha Metro has executed many unique and innovative projects in the city before. These include a 2-Layer transportation system over Wardha Road, Balance Cantilever Bridge at Anand Talkies, Interchange Metro Station at a crowded location like Sitabuldi and Zero Mile Freedom Park Metro Station. The 4-layer transport system at gaddigodam, the first of its kind in the country, is an addition to the long list of achievements by Maha Metro.

The Chief Bridge Engineer, Divisional Railway Manager (Central Railway), Additional Divisional Railway Manager (Infra-Central Railway), Additional Divisional Railway Manager (Operating-Central Railway), Senior Divisional Operations Manager, Senior Divisional Engineer, Senior Divisional Engineer (Central) have extended valuable co-operation for the execution of the project.

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