Metro Rail News Magazine Editorial Calendar 2018


Edition MRTS Project Focused System Topic to be covered
January 2018 Delhi Metro Driverless/UTO Trains in India 15 years of Delhi Metro, CBTC, Train Automation, Railway Signaling & Telecommunications, Expert Interview
February 2018 Mumbai Metro Tunneling Technology Overview of Mumbai Metro-3 Project, Tunnel Construction, TBM, Underwater Extraction, Water Harvesting, Industry Updates
March 2018 Noida Metro Hydrogen Trains Overview of Noida-Greater Noida & Ghaziabad Metro Rail Project, Future of Hydrogen Trains, Green Metro Systems
April 2018 MEGA Metro Transport Infrastructure Overview of MEGA Metro Project, City Transportation, Tramway, Trackless Trains
May 2018 Kolkata East West Metro Hyperloop Technology Current status of Kolkata East West Metro Project, Feasibility of Hyperloop Technology in India
June 2018 Nagpur & Pune Metro P-ways, Track and Civil Construction Overview of Nagpur & Pune Metro Projects, Civil Construction Equipment, Architecture Design, Building & Water Management System
July 2018 Metrino & Pods Lifts, Elevators and Escalators Overview of Gurgaon Metrino Project, Heavy duty passenger & material lifting equipment in Metro & Rail Industry
August 2018 High Speed Rail Project Electrification & Traction System Overview and status of High Speed Bullet Train Project, 25KV OHE, DC Third Rail, Traction Equipment
September 2018 Indore & Bhopal Metro Project Rolling Stock, Metro Rail Technology Overview of Indore & Bhopal Metro Projects, Various Systems of Metro Trains and Advanced Technology involved, Make in India, Technology Transfer, Metro Rail Coach Factory
October 2018 Smart Transportation under Smart Cities Urban Mobility Solutions Smart Public Transportation in Smart Cities, Last Mile connectivity, Battery operated vehicles, Cognation Management, Marry Go-Round Trains, Electric Buses
November 2018 Light Metro Projects Machinery & Plants in Metro Depot & Railway Workshop Overview of Thiruvananthapuram & Kozhikode Light Metro Projects, Major M&P in Metro Depot & Railway Workshops, Under Floor Wheel Laths, EOT Cranes, Pit Jacks, Rail-cum-Road Movers
December 2018 Rapid Rail Transit System (RRTS) Railway Safety & Disaster Overview of RRTS project in India, Semi High Speed Telgo Trains, Passenger Safety