Metro Rail News Published its August 2021 Issue

Metro Rail News Published its August 2021 Issue
Metro Rail News Published its August 2021 Issue

Dear Readers,

Metro Rail News would like to express its gratitude to all of its devoted and frequent readers by making a special offer to publish a research thesis of the reader’s choosing every month.

For decades, city traffic and transportation have been a hot topic around the world. However, because of an ever-increasing population, fast urbanisation, and a transfer of people in greater numbers to cities, the situation of commuters has continued to deteriorate, particularly in third-world and developing countries. As a result, people living in the area are already facing increasing pressure on precious and limited resources.

Factors such as the development of the electric mobility ecosystem by bringing together diverse stakeholders are likely to have a substantial impact on how various stakeholders conduct their business across the mobility ecosystem (OEMs, component manufacturers, policymakers, etc.). The importance of innovative and new business models based on data analytics, as well as continuously changing automotive R&D, are all factors to consider. Connected mobility is becoming more popular (sharing mobility, SIM powered telematics, personalised infotainment, autonomous cars, etc.).

The economy is steadily recuperating as restrictions and bans are gradually lifted around the country in a cautious manner. We must stay vigilant and cautious, sticking to all measures and safety guidelines. I’m pleased to share the August 21 issue, which urges you to be safe and healthy in the face of a dangerous pandemic.

The August 2021 issue of Metro Rail News features a cover story on Restoring Passenger Confidence in Metro & Rail. Jammu-Srinagar Metro is selected as the project of the month. An exclusive interview with Mr. V. R. Sharma, MD of JSPL, Mr. Sudhanshu Mani, Ex. G.M, ICF, Chennai, Mr. Vinay Kumar Singh M.D of NCRTC. Mr. Sanjeev Sachdev, MD, Toshi Automatic Systems Pvt. Ltd. Along with regular columns such as Articles, Case Studies, News, Tenders, Events, and Jobs information. We owe it to you to keep you informed and up to date on all topics concerning urban, metro rail transit and development.

Sincerely acknowledging, we did like to express our thankfulness to our Readers, and Promoters for their active participation in subscribing to Metro rail news, Because of your commitment and loyalty, this magazine was successfully released and widely appreciated and acclaimed by the participants.

We would also appreciate if you (readers) would share this and encourage your friends and family to participate in Metro Rail News by subscribing and enjoy reading our monthly updates in the rail sector and stay tuned with all the latest innovation and technologies, this keeps our motivation inflow so that we can come next month with a lot of positive vibe in our magazine.

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