MMRDA to appoint experts to suggest security measures for Monorail

MMRDA ready to procure 10 more rakes for Monorail Project
Image Source: MMRDA

MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is appointing experts to suggest security measures for Mumbai Monorail.

The expert will suggest solutions for the evacuation of passengers during disastrous situations. the MMRDA is also purchasing 10 truck mounted boom lifts for the evacuation of passengers in case of emergency.

MMRDA says that both phases of monorail are secure to travel and they are themselves taking the expert suggestion of how to make travelling safer for the passengers and other necessary security measures in case of a disaster.

An agency from Singapore already selected and the MOU has been signed. Sr. official from MMRDA said We were waiting for the election procedure to wind up in order to arrange the visits.

“The agency we’ve chosen for the task are experts in Metro and other transport technology. A team from the agency will visit our Monorail stations and for reviewing the phases and will suggest precautionary measures to be taken along with security suggestions for the Monorail lines,” Said MMRDA official.

“MMRDA is buying the truck mounted boom lifts for the evacuating of passengers until the agency provides suggestions after which the MMRDA will purchase a few more materials if necessary,” said official.

In the first phase of the Monorail, it caught fire and an entire rack burnt down. In the second phase, people were stuck inside the Monorail when the services were stopped due to a power cut. In both, the situations evacuation of the passengers was a major challenge for the authority.

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