Multi-Model Integration Plan now ready to connect Railway and Metro stations

Skywalk at Anand Vihar Terminal connecting Metro Station and Railway Station
Subway at Anand Vihar Terminal connecting Metro Station and Railway Station

New Delhi: Good news for commuters who are directly catch metro rail after coming out from Indian Railways. Those rail passengers who want to take the service of Metro trains at their destination without going through auto-taxi or bus, they will not have to work much harder for this. Under multi-model integration plan, DMRC and Indian Railways planning to connect major railways and metro stations through Skywalk. The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) and Indian Railways have approved the construction of such Skywalks, which will provide rail passengers directly to the metro station as soon as they come out of the platform.

Skywalk connecting two terminals for easy commuting (representative image)
Skywalk connecting two terminals for easy commuting (representative image)

By making them passengers will not have to use the road to get out of one station and reach another station. In this way, they will get rid of traffic problems, as well as save time. Preparations are on to begin work on two major railway stations, New Delhi and old Delhi stations.

The Indian Railways will give land to the Skywalk at New Delhi station, while the DMRC will bear the expenses incurred. Skywalk will be built on both stations to reduce traffic and make the journey easier in view of the safety of millions of passengers at Delhi’s major railway stations i.e. New Delhi and old Delhi station. The benefit will be that the passengers will be able to come straight off from the metro or railway.

Delhi Division’s ADRM (Civil) Dhankad said that the construction of the nearly 300 meter long Skywalk, which has been attached to the metro station from New Delhi station, has been approved. Skywalk will be connect from platform no.
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2 of New Delhi Railway Station at Ajmeri Gate side. Besides this, Delhi Metro and Airport Metro will also be connected. For this arrangement, Indian Railways will provide land and DMRC will fund about eight crore rupees for construction and finishing works. He told that competing companies have been invited across the country for the better look and design of this Skywalk.

Apart from this, Skywalk will be constructed to connect the old Delhi station to the Dangal Ground. It will be constructed by PWD while the land of its share will provide the railway. Bus stops and parking will also be built at this place.

Pre-planned scheme of traffic on stations

Currently, more than 300 trains are operated daily on New Delhi Railway Station. While this station attracts nearly five lakh passengers every day. Apart from this, 250 trains run at old Delhi Railway station, whereas there are three lakh passengers. There are frequent traffic jams and security related complaints due to not being prepared for any long-term plans at these stations made earlier in the years. While there are movement of millions of passengers daily from both metro stations.

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