Nagpur Metro | 1st Precast Segment Launched for NMRC

1st Precast Segment Launched for Nagpur Metro Project
1st Precast Segment Launched for Nagpur Metro Project

Nagpur: According to NCC Ltd. successfully launched the first ever pre-cast segment for building Nagpur’s 19.658 km north-south Metro line! This particular segment was cast in May and if you notice closely, it was integrated & cast along with a parapet wall (unique in Indian metros) which has helped to reduce the cost of purchasing separate casting molds, transport individual parapet segments on-site and cut down overall construction time.

Nagpur Metro Project update
Nagpur Metro Project update

As per the Nagpur Metro Rail Corporation, the segment has a length of 3m with a top width of 8.5m and a bottom width of 3.5m. It’s 2m high and weighs approximately 37 MT.

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