Nagpur Metro introduces MY BYK Hub

MYBYK is a bike and rental sharing app

MY BYK Hub introduced by MahaMetro in Nagpur
MY BYK Hub introduced by MahaMetro in Nagpur

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): Nagpur Metro has introduced the concept of ‘MY BYK Hub’ starting from 2nd March 2022. The metro has planned this nature-friendly ride to promote non-motorized transport as well as to provide last-mile connectivity to its commuters in the city.

As per this concept, which is being implemented at different locations of the city, anyone can book a bicycle using MyBYK app as its available on Google Play Store. Those desirous can book and use a cycle through the app.  

MYBYK is a bike and rental sharing app. The aim of its creators is to encourage the use of bicycles and public transport and thereby help the cities turn sustainable as well as congestion and pollution-free. MYBYK is currently available in the city of Mumbai, Hyderabad and Udaipur and in a few colleges such as IIT Bombay and IIM Hyderabad.

Kochi metro has the MYBYK service across its metro stations already and by adopting this public transport the Nagpur Metro has set a great example that will help nature and commuters. The plan is to set up as many bike stations to cover almost all the metro stations in the city.

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