Nagpur Metro to start operations today, mandatory guideline in place

Metro trains can operate at two-min intervals
Nagpur Metro to start operations today.

Special Measures in place at Stations & Trains in view of Global Pandemic.

NAGPUR (Metro Rail News): Nagpur Metro is all geared up for starting of services beginning today in the post-COVID phase. A number of steps have been taken to prevent the spread of this pandemic to ensure that the commuters and Maha Metro officials and employees remain safe and secure.

“While all such precautions would continue to be taken, a series of other important measures for passengers are also being taken. As per the unlock guidelines, the Metro services are to start in a graded manner. Hence, services would initially start in Reach-III Aqua-Line between Lokmanya Nagar Metro Station and Sitabuldi Interchange. That will be subsequently followed by starting of services on the Orange Line. Services would be operational from 8 am to 8 pm. The special measures being taken in view of the Global pandemic have been drafted as per the government guidelines”, a statement by Maha Metro, the nodal agency for Nagpur Metro said.

Passengers with Masks to be Allowed: As part of special measures, only Passengers with Face Masks to be permitted to enter & travel in Metro Trains. Only one entry in every station shall be opened. All passengers entering station would be screened with Thermal Gun, in case of any abnormality Station Controller shall inform health services about the same. Hand Sanitizers would be provided to all passengers and they have to wash hands before entering the Metro premises. Passengers shall be permitted for boarding train only after de-boarding of passengers at all stations. Passengers are expected to not touch switches of lift and other electrical appliances; similarly, they should avoid touching sidebars of escalators too.
Thermal Screening at Stations: Thermal screening of all passengers will be done by Station Security Staff at the Entry Gate of Station and those who are having more than 38 degrees Celsius temperature will not be allowed to travel. Passengers who show other symptoms of sneezing, cough and difficulty in breathing also will not be permitted to travel. Adequate resources like Queue Managers, Spaces have been marked for maintaining social distancing at all passengers accumulating areas like ticket counters, screening points, boarding / deboarding points at the platform.

Digital Payment to be Promoted: Passengers would be exhorted to make payments for journey fare through digital mode. Payments through various modes of payment, other than cash, would be encouraged. Such a step would minimise physical contact and reduce the spread of disease in a big way. This also includes making payment through Maha Metro Mobile App. E-ticket thus generated can be scanned at the AFC gate. Similarly, Maha Card can be used for digital payment. While Maha Metro urges commuters to make digital payment for train fare, cash, however, collected would be stored separately. The cash, thus collected, would be sanitized using the ultraviolet box. Incoming and outgoing cash would be separately stored to avoid mixing of the same.  

Staff to Ensure Norms are Followed: Security staff shall ensure social distancing requirements at the station by adequately posting staff in concourse, entry and exit of stations. They shall guide the passengers for entering and passing through the station, for exit etc. and ensure that the norms are not violated by the public in stations and trains. Regular announcements will be made on public address systems, both at stations and trains, about COVID-19 awareness. Standees and information boards would be put up at Metro Stations for passengers’ information and perusal.

Trains, Stations to be Disinfected: All Trains and Metro Stations would be disinfected prior to opening. Metro staff would sport Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like Face Masks, Hand Gloves. Hand Sanitizers to be provided at entry points. Entrance Gates of Station, Crew Control Room, Baby Care room, TOM room, EFO cubical, Station Control room shall be cleaned at regular intervals. Thus Maha Metro is taking every possible precaution to ensure that the commuters are fully secure and travel safely. These special measures would help in increasing commuters’ confidence. While Maha Metro is taking all possible precautions for a safe journey beginning tomorrow, the commuters are also expected to follow the guidelines to avoid any inconvenience to fellow passengers.

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