National Common Mobility Card: Metro, Bus ,Toll payment across the country with one card


The National Common Mobility Card is one big step towards the urban development. This would help the cities and people in the task management and settlement of payment. It works as an e-wallet and used for transportation as well. The card will be an open system can use a bus, train, and metro etc. It promotes digital transaction and road transport. This is the best way to make cities smarter and hassle-free as the people can save time. It is basically the electronic card system which makes the life of people.


  • It helps commuters to save time and efforts.
  • It promotes smart travel as a card can be used in different modes of transport.
  • It gives the high degree of convenience to the people as they have no longer stand in a line for the ticket.
  • It works as a debit card ensures proper customer support services.
  • It cuts the cost and there is a less usage of paper for making tickets.
  • This method is very easy and time efficient and cashless.


  • It is very much worse for the people who are uneducated as they are unable to read and write sometimes people take the wrong advantage for them and that occurs a problem.
  • As the technology changes the whole process of a transaction even the upgrade affects the people while transaction.
  • Sometimes delay leads to poor customer service.
  • Due to a larger dependency on the technology so there will be a large setting up cost and for solving the problem of the public more manpower is needed.

AFC (Automatic Fare Collection) System 

AFC is a smart system for payment for the intelligent transport system for payment for intelligent transport system or approves ticket to pass through electronic system or gates to allow commuters to access.

The AFC system in the bus stand as if we have it in the metro station would help with fair tickets and gives a unique way to travel.

AFC Keeps the account of the money and the whole team keep the check on the transaction and help in the customer support system.

In the AFC system, the bank and their apps will work for the hand in hand as the transaction will be done via. Bank account

Common Mobility Card under trials

Delhi: Delhi government start a trial of common mobility card and the card can be used in both DTC and metro.  The whole concept is introduced by the head of the Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal. The aim of a single card system is to make travel people cashless and convenient. The card had 2000 SAM Chips fitted with ETM This would help in real time and in fare transaction in metro and buses.

Kochi: (KMRL) Kochi metro is the first city in the country where the entire public transport system like bus, metro, and autorickshaws use this card and these are working together with a common method of the single card.

Kolkata: Kolkata starting with oyster and multipurpose card system . it is the card system for all the transaction. They start up the GPS system installed in bus and CCTV installed in their project so as to ensure safety.

Mumbai:- NCMC is working on the cities like Mumbai and Pune and the making the cities more modern and helping the most populated cities hassle free this method. The GPS System would help in calculating fair ticketing and the AFS system at the station would help in it. The same card will be used for parking too.

The single card system is something that is used for multi-purpose work and this card would immensely help the people but the single card system is kind difficult for some people too but the operators at the station can help the people. This card would help in future if this system gets passed and successful as this card would help in modernizing the cities and making the cities rush free.

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