New Year Greetings from the Desk of Managing Editor

Narendra Shah, Managing Editor, Metro Rail News
Mr. Narendra Shah, Managing Editor, Metro Rail News

Dear Readers

The New Year has come with many hopes and dreams. On this occasion, it is my pleasure to wish our readers, staff, colleagues and you all a very happy New Year 2021. 
The Metro Rail News is your exclusive News Portal and magazine which brings news insights and information to you directly from the Metro and Rail Sectors.

It has been five years of our continued publication of Metro Rail News Magazine under the aegis of Symbroj Media and we feel honoured to have readers like you. The last year has been one of the worst in the history of the modern world. The COVID-19 outbreak brought the world at a standstill and further created an economic depression like situation. The year as a whole was very challenging.

The frontline workers have played a very crucial role in our war against COVID-19 and I would like to thank all the Doctors, Nurses and other frontlines workers who proved that humanity can never vanish. There were many frontline workers who lost their lives while serving the nation and humanity. At the end of the year, I would like to remember the sacrifice of them all and pay my condolences to their families.

The war against COVID-19 is not yet over. It will go on for some more time until everybody gets vaccinated. The Coronavirus Pandemic has taught us many lessons and we all need to go ahead in our lives with keeping in mind the health perspectives of ourselves, our families, society and the nation.

We at Metro Rail News worked rigorously even during the pandemic so that the news about the significant developments reach out to you. We have continuously published our Magazine and we recently published the 48th issue of our magazine in December. I would like to thank our editorial team for this wonderful achievement and assure you of our continued services in the future as well.

The year 2021 is going to be a year of hopes, aspirations and dreams. We are hopeful that human life will get normal this year and the normalcy comes back. This will be a year of economic prosperity and peace. Let’s Welcome the year with much happiness and love.

I wish you again a very Happy New Year.

With Warm Regard

Narendra Shah

Managing Editor

Metro Rail News

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