NHSRCL began LiDAR Survey for Mumbai-Hyderabad High Speed Rail Corridor


MUMBAI (Metro Rail News): Aerial LiDAR survey has commenced on Mumbai-Hyderabad High-Speed Rail Corridor by the National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) to prepare the final alignment as Detailed Project Report (DPR) for the corridor.

In January 2021, Monarch Surveyors & Engineering Consultants Pvt. Ltd. wins a contract from NHSRCL for the work – Final Alignment design including Aerial LiDAR survey and other related works for Mumbai-Hyderabad High-Speed Rail Corridor with completion period of 150 days and cost of INR 13.26 Crores.

LiDAR survey (Light Detection and Ranging) is a technique in which laser enabled equipment is mounted on a helicopter or plane to carry out ground survey. This technology gives accurate survey data and findings in less time.

According to NHSRC spokesperson, “We are adopting LiDAR technology which provides all the ground details and data in 3-4 months. Wherein this process normally takes 10-12 months.”

NHSRCL has been entrusted the work to prepare the Detailed Project Reports (DPR) for seven High Speed Rail Corridors in India and LiDAR survey technology will be utilized for ground survey in all these corridors.

Mumbai-Hyderabad High Speed Rail project is a proposed 711 km high speed railway line connecting Mumbai with Pune and Hyderabad through 11 stations in Maharashtra and Telangana. The proposed stations are Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Lonawala, Pune, Daund, Akluj, Pandharpur, Solapur, Kalaburagi , Zaheerabad and Hyderabad.

Once operational, distance between Mumbai and Hyderabad will be covered in less than 3 and half hours with high speed trains operating on the route at top speed of 350 km per hour. At present, it takes 14-15 hours to complete journey between both cities.

Similar Aerial LiDAR survey has already started for the 865 km long Delhi-Varanasi High Speed Rail in January 2021 and also recently in March for the 741 km long Mumbai-Nagpur High Speed Rail.

Recently, Growever Infra Pvt Ltd emerged as the lowest bidder for the work of final Alignment design including Aerial LiDAR survey and other related works for Varanasi-Howrah High Speed Rail Corridor (about 760 km long).

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  1. A nice and timely information regarding high speed rail network between MUMBAI-HYDERABAD, that too with accuracy. Glad to be the part of your news port.


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