Noida Metro makes a comeback

Noida Metro
Noida Metro

Noida ( Metro Rail News) – Noida Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (NMRC) successfully commenced operations on the
first day of opening the Aqua Line for the general public at 7 AM on monday. The NMRC staff seemed ready in New Normal mode to welcome the passengers in the Metro system and guide them through all the new
procedures that have to be followed by the passengers for travelling in the Aqua Line.
On the first day of operations after the end of lockdown, NMRC recorded a ridership of
approx. 200 passengers after operating the trains from 7 AM to 11 AM in the morning at a
frequency of 15 minutes. In the evening NMRC will be operating from 5 PM to 7 PM with a 15
minutes frequency.
All the passengers were screened at the entry point for temperature. Their hands were
also sanitised at the entrance, post which they were allowed to enter the Metro premises. The
NMRC team also ensured that the passengers maintained adequate social distancing and
stood on the floor markings made at the stations, platforms and inside the trains.
The NMRC trains were also fully sanitised after each trip. The stations, platform
and other “contact areas” like Call buttons of lifts, AFC gates, Handle belts of
Escalators & Staircases, POS machines etc. were also sanitised at regular intervals.
Constant announcements were also being made at the stations and inside the trains
to generate awareness among passengers and to urge them to follow the guidelines. The
NMRC stations and trains were being NMRC constantly monitored at the Control Centres with the help of CCTV cameras.
“The passengers also cooperated fully with the NMRC staff and adhered to all the
guidelines prescribed by NMRC for their safety”, said a statement released by NMRC.



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