Over 200 out of 311 kiosk spaces auctioned by Kochi Metro in just three days

Details of the 100-odd kiosk sites that are still open for download have been published on the KMRL website. They will be resold on Saturday," said KMRL officials

Over 200 out of 311 kiosk spaces auctioned at Kochi Metro in just three days
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KOCHI, INDIA (Metro Rail News): More than 200 of the 311 Kochi metro stations have received vacancies due to Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) response to the sale of venues to collect revenue from non-ticketing sources.

The metro agency has welcomed a mix of new and trouble-free processes. It has launched a campaign to sell spaces, every 120 square feet, initially for five years. The four-day auction, where registration of venues can be held, will conclude at Ernakulam Town Hall on Saturday.

Elaborating on the auction, most of the kiosk areas would soon have restaurants, packed grocery stores, and shops selling mobile phones and electronics. “Details of the 100-odd kiosk sites that are still open for download have been published on the KMRL website. They will be resold on Saturday,” said KMRL officials.

Such large public auctions are rare these days as e-auction is the norm regarding the auction program. “Small and medium-sized traders, except for businessmen and women, benefit greatly from the auction. An unconventional approach was also adapted to market advertising. Therefore, our staff teams distribute notices, visit stores, and explain to traders the simple steps that will get them accommodations at municipal stations,” said officials.

Procedure for auction

“The response has far exceeded our expectations, with people coming from as far away as Chennai, Thiruvananthapuram, and Kannur. Many of them were from West Asia who wanted to establish shops here. All they had to carry was a Government ID. When the auction was completed, all authorizations were finalized in less than 30 minutes. Then, they were given three days to submit a deposit and another 30 days to open their kiosks,” said Mr Rajendran. He pointed out that countless women entrepreneurs who came to open food and other outlets were due to their high visibility, safety and security within the municipal stations.

Street-level shopping malls picked up the highest prices, followed by those at the stadium and stadium level. The introductory price is Rs. 15 sq. each month, space was allocated for selected stations, increasing to Rs. 105 sq. ft. each at Edappally station.

“The auction has earned ten times more value than most other major stations.
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Aimed at creating an appropriate local service, the design is optimized for all keyboards. The only limitation is that cooking using flame is not allowed in any station, following the safety procedures of the Department of Fire and Rescue Services. However, pre-cooked food can be served. In addition, the first five-year stay in production can be extended,” said officials.

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