Patna Metro Launches First U-Girder on Corridor-I

The 170-ton Precast U-Girder was installed on Corridor I, linking Danapur to Khemni Chak.

Installation of U-Girder on Patna Metro Corridor-I

PATNA (Metro Rail News): A significant development unfolded yesterday, with YFC Projects – Montecarlo JV launching their first 170-ton Precast Viaduct U-Girder of Patna Metro’s 17.93 Km Corridor-I on the East-West Line. 

It was launched on Friday, 16th September 2023. The length of the U-Girder is 28 meters, and the launching was done on National Engineers Day at Pier/pillar number 133-134 at the viaduct between RPS More Station & Patliputra Station.

Corridor I has a total of 14 stations, underground & elevated included. Elevated stations include Danapur Cantonment, Saguna More, RPS More, Patliputra, Mithapur, Ramkrishna Nagar & Jaganpura while the underground stations include: Rukanpura, Raja Bazar, Patna Zoo, Vikas Bhawan, Vidyut Bhawan, Patna Station. It also facilitates an interchange at Patna Station and Khemni Chak stations. 

The U-girders are casted at the casting yard and transported to the sites with the help of a crane. It is launched between two Pier Caps on which the metro track will be finally laid.

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