Patna Metro: The Akashvani UG Metro Station to be Located at Frazer Road, the Heart of the City

Pedestrians will have access to a subway, with Entry/Exit Gates 1 and 3 interconnected for seamless movement.

Aksahvani underground Metro station to be located at Frazer Road

PATNA (Metro Rail News): The Aksahvani underground Metro station of the Patna Metro Rail Project will be located at Frazer Road, the heart and center of the city. The length of this station will be 235 meters, and the depth of the track from ground level will be 16 meters below. In this underground metro station of Corridor-II, pedestrians of Frazer Road area will be able to move easily from one side of the road to the other side of the proposed subway without entering the paid area of the metro.   

The Akashvani underground metro station is proposed for seamless movement of people from areas like Frazer Road, S. P. Verma Road, Exhibition Road, Gandhi Maidan, Dak Bungalow, Patna Station, Station Road, Maurya Lok etc.
It will also connect several important offices, commercial establishments/buildings, malls etc. in the vicinity of Frazer Road like LIC Building, BSEB Office, Hindi Bhawan, DM Office, All India Radio Station, Patna Central Mall, Fazal Imam Complex, Bhartiya Nritya Kala Mandir etc.
The nearest stations to Akashvani metro station will be Patna station and Gandhi Maidan metro station.

The Akashvani station will have two levels:

The building is planned to have two levels. At minus one (-1) will be the concourse, and below that at minus two (-2) will be the platform. 

Facilities for passengers:
Passenger-centric facilities like ticket counters, public conveniences (toilets), security checks, etc. will be available at the concourse level. Since this metro station is a multi-modal integration point, there will also be additional facilities for passengers such as air-conditioned metro coaches and stations. The station will have five escalators, four elevators, and four staircases for the use of passengers.

There will be three entry/exit gates at the station:
Entry/Exit Gate 1: Near LIC Building
Entry/Exit Gate 2: Near the entrance of All India Radio Station and Bharatiya Nritya Kala Mandir
Entry/Exit Gate3: Near Patna Central Mall and in front of Fazal Imam Complex

Facility of Subway for Pedestrians:
This station is located in the Frazer Road and Dak Bungalows area, which is one of the busiest commercial/non-commercial centers in the city. Therefore, a pedestrian subway is proposed to facilitate the movement of pedestrians allowing them to easily traverse from one side of Frazer Road to the other side through this station.

For this purpose, the entry/exit gates of the station, Entry Gate 1 and Entry Gate 3, will be interconnected.

Emergency Arrangements:

Adequate arrangements will be in place to safely evacuate passengers from the platform in case of an emergency. In the event of such an emergency, five fire escapes are proposed to ensure the safe exit of passengers and firefighters.

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