Patna Metro’s commitment towards “Cleanliness and Sanitation” at all under-construction sites

The priority of Patna Metro project is to keep the construction sites clean which requires peoples' cooperation .

Route Map of Patna Metro Project:

PATNA (Metro Rail News): Patna Metro Rail Project is committed to maintaining Cleanliness and sanitation at all under-construction metro sites. A dedicated team is deployed at each construction site daily for cleaning. However, people often stick posters and pamphlets on columns, boards, pillars and barricades, throw garbage around the barricades and spoil them by spitting on the barricades and warning signs. Not only does the effort to clear these barricades and boards take a lot of resources, but dozens of labourers clean up the spits. Therefore, it is an appeal to people that with little cooperation, we will be successful in keeping our city clean and beautiful but will also be able to save a lot of water and make good use of human resources. Therefore, Do not spit on the barricades, columns, boards and pillars installed by Patna Metro and also sensitize other people about this issue.

In addition to human resources, several gallons of water are wasted in cleaning it. About 64000 litres of water are used monthly to clean the barricades and boards installed under the Patna Metro Project, meaning more than 2000 litres of water are wasted daily in cleaning them. Due to environmental sensitivity, DMRC uses 40 per cent recycled water to reduce freshwater consumption.

Due to the spitting and sticking of posters on these columns, boards, pillars and barricades, the warning messages get hidden, which can be dangerous for the commuters and the purpose of these warnings gets lost, due to which accidents may occur. These works are done in the public’s interest, but people are not sensitive towards them. Patna Metro Rail Project is ready to significantly change the city’s traffic system and rejuvenate its beauty.

Taking care of the city’s cleanliness and environment has been the priority of the Patna Metro project. Measures are taken for regular cleaning of the barricading and the dust accumulated below it so that the garbage/soil can be prevented from spreading on the road. As responsible citizens, we must come forward to save human and water resources and keep all the under-construction sites of the Patna Metro Rail Project clean and tidy by following the basic principles of cleanliness.

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