Primerail Infralabs develops a cycleloop PRT solution for Urban Transport


Bengaluru: Bengaluru  based innovative company Primerail Infralabs Pvt Ltd is developing a cycleloop PRT solution for Urban Transport and last mile connectivity solution.

The company is developing intelligent last mile mobility solution called Tietran – an autonomous self-balancing e-bike rides in air-conditioned guided tube. They already conducted 25m trials successfully and creating 400m prototype for demonstration.

Tietran is an e-bike based green urban mobility solution for last mile connectivity from metro stations to dense hinterlands or between dense traffic hubs. Commuter rides e-cycle in an air conditioned light elevated tube over the medians/footpaths. Bike is the most energy efficient transport mode in the world. Bike in a dedicated lane provides reliability to commuting and offers health benefits of pedalling. Autonomous e-bike in a semi-controlled environment with self-balancing ability combined with smart switching and intelligent algorithms makes it the most convenient, safe, lean and clean mobility disruption.

Frauscher Sensor Technology

Electronics in e-bikes intelligently communicates with field sensors & central process server and travels autonomously from origin to destination at pre-determined speeds. 3rd rail DC power supply to BLDC motor facilitate comfortable power assisted ride. Modular quick construction, near-zero land acquisition, rapid scalability and optimum LCC makes it an attractive innovation and exportable to global markets. ·

Tietran technology ensures safety and comfort at par with Metro Rail.



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