Proposed Flyovers on Ring Road may impede Metro Construction in Indore according to Experts

Indore Metro
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INDORE (Metro Rail News): If work on three flyovers proposed on Ring Road is started in Indore, then it will indirectly delay the work of the metro rail project, fear city planners and engineers. Apart from this, ​thousands of people who use the Ring Road will also face traffic jams, similar to the one faced during the construction of the Atal Bihari Vajpayee bridge (Pipliyahana flyover) and are still facing on account of the ongoing construction ​of Bengali Square Flyover according a news report.

​”Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan ​on Wednesday ​announced ​the construction of five flyovers ​of which three flyovers (at Radisson Square, Robot Square and Khajrana Square) will come in way of the track of Metro Rail (Line 3) which is under development. There are also three platforms of Metro Rail planned in the stretch from Radisson Square to Bengali Square”, it said.
“It is possible to have the metro ​above the flyover, but the cost will increase by around Rs 10 cr for every 100 metres. At present the metro project is already delayed and the flyovers will delay it further”, the report added..

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