Pune Metro: Civil Court to Swargate Stretch Set to Open in July

After successful trial run, Pune Metro gears up to launch passenger services on the final underground section

Pune metro
Pune metro

PUNE (Metro Rail News): Pune Metro is gearing up to inaugurate its latest development, the underground stretch connecting Civil Court to Swargate, this July. This crucial segment will mark the completion of phase 1, which includes both line 1 and line 2 of the network.

Following the commencement of services on line 2 from Vanaz to Ramwadi on March 6, Pune Metro has shifted its focus to the final segment of its first phase. The 3.34-kilometre underground route promises to enhance connectivity and ease commutes in one of the city’s busiest districts.

A senior official from Pune Metro revealed that substantial progress had been achieved on the underground stations, with Swargate station nearing completion and Budhwar Peth and Mandai stations 85% done. “We expect to finish construction on all three stations by June,” the official stated. “Subsequently, we will invite the Commissioner of Metro Railway Safety (CMRS) for inspections, which should take around 15 to 20 days. We are on track to launch services in July.”

In preparation for the launch, extensive testing is being conducted along the stretch to ensure smooth operations from day one.

The operational stretch will improve the daily commute for thousands, offering a fast, reliable alternative to road transport in a region plagued by traffic snarls. With the entire line now operational, Pune Metro anticipates a significant increase in daily ridership, which recently surpassed 70,000 passengers.

Pune Metro’s phase 1 has laid down two main corridors: the north-south corridor (purple line) and the east-west corridor (aqua line), covering a combined length of 33.2 kilometres and incorporating 30 stations. The network features an elevated section stretching 27.2 kilometres and a smaller, 6-kilometre underground portion. With this new section, nearly all of the proposed routes will be operational, except for the last 3.34 kilometres currently under construction.

The minimum fare on the newly operational sections ranges from ₹10 to ₹35, making it an affordable option for daily travellers.

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