Rail Expansion & Technology MENA 2015|Sept. 15-16, 2015|UAE


MENA is deemed as the fastest growing rail market in the world. It is reported that Eleven MENA region countries are investing a total of $490bn in new railway networks, as well as upgrading existing networks. Besides, due to the limited local talent human resource and technologies, MENA rail industry needs great support from foreign countries.

As a result, Rail Expansion & Technology MENA Congress 2015 is launching on Sep, 15-16th, in Dubai, UAE. Rail Expansion & Technology MENA Congress 2015 is tailored to provide you plentiful business opportunities from MENA rail challenges and solutions. Combining with a mass of rail project case studies, Rail Expansion & Technology MENA Congress 2015 will bring you detailed information of rail policies and projects in MENA, from government, operators to main contractors.

SZ&W Group as a Chinese organizer will deliver comprehensive insight from China and international angles.

Metro Rail News is a proud online Media Partner for this event. Click here to Register now !

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