REBS Lubrication bags order for supply of Wheel Flange Lubrication system in 64 train sets of Delhi Metro’s Line-2

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NEW DELHI (METRO RAIL NEWS): The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (DMRC) has issued a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) to  M/s REBS Lubrication India Private Limited & M/s REBS Zentralschmiertechnik GmbH. for the supply of Wheel Flange Lubrication system in 64 nos. of train sets of Line-02 in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. along with DLP of 2 years (inclusive of all consumables”).

Key Details:

  • Name of Work: Contract: ORW-938: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Wheel Flange Lubrication system in 64 nos. of train sets of Line-02 in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. along with DLP of 2  years (inclusive of all consumables).
  • Approximate Cost of work: Rs. 4.87 Crore
  • Completion Period: 01 Year

In June this year, the DMRC invited tenders for Contract: ORW-938

Scope of Work:

Contractor shall execute complete Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Wheel Flange Lubrication system in 64 nos. of train sets of Line- 02 (Yellow line) in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation Ltd.

The contractor shall submit the detailed design complying with the technical specification and relevant drawings before the commencement of work for the approval of the Engineer-In-Charge.

The arrangement of lubrication shall be provided at wheels of the front axle in the front bogie of both side DT car in a train set. The WFL system shall be a standalone system, compatible with existing controls in the train set.

The Wheel flange lubricators of a proven design in EMU/metro application shall be provided only at the front axle of the front bogie of both sides DT car. A suitable mechanism shall be provided to ensure that lubricators operate only in the leading position on the train actuate suitably during traversing of the curves automatically.

The design of the WFL system shall ensure precise & cyclic application of lubricant on the flange of the wheel(s) so that the lubrication application is uniformly distributed on the flange surface without any excess deposition on the contact surface for avoiding any condition of slip slide. Special care shall be taken by the Contractor for the setting of nozzles alignment so that no flow of lubricant shall be on the tread/braking surface under any circumstance. The system shall be designed to minimize oil and air consumption. A single tube system shall be preferred.

The nozzles shall be designed to protect against choking/clogging due to dust. There shall be no movable part in the nozzle. The design shall permit optimized control of oil spray in straight and curved track by suitably modulating the spraying cycles and quantity of oil in the spray. The spray cycle as above shall be programmable and shall be fine-tuned during field trials and performance of wheels during the Defect Liability Period. The programming and mechanical tools shall be supplied to the Employer (one set for each depot of Line-02, i.e., total 3 sets of tools) after the end of the Defect Liability Period.

Interlocking inbuilt logic shall be made for inhibiting the spraying of WFL when the trainset is in a stand-still position.

The spray of lubricant shall be time controlled as well as distance controlled. The actuation and spray cycle and quantity shall be decided by the location and degree of the curve which shall be communicated to the system by a centrifugal force sensor, coordinates and parameters of curves informed by the vehicle or/and through other equipment like Gyroscope etc. capable of detecting curves up to 2 degrees.

The contractor shall make arrangements to have an indication of WFL functionality on the driver console or as per the instruction of the Engineer-in-charge. The arrangement shall be made for the Train Operator to isolate the equipment in case of any defect/malfunctioning. The design of the WFL system shall be Fail-Safe.

The tenderer shall consider the Schedule of Dimension (SOD) of DMRC (Broad gauge) during the designing of the WFL system so that no part of the system shall

infringe with the SOD applicable for Line 2.

Introduction of Metro Line-2:

Line 2 – Yellow Line (one of the lines constructed and operated by DMRC) is passing through one of the most densely populated sections of Delhi connecting HUDA City Centre in Gurgaon (Haryana) to Samaypur Badli in Delhi.

Line-2 had been commissioned in 6 stages, with the 1st stage being commissioned on 20 th December 2004 and the recent stage being commissioned since 10th November 2015.

Presently Sixty-four (64) Train sets operate between Samaypur Badli to HUDA City Centre i.e. Line-2 Yellow Line.

Out of the Sixty-four (64) Train sets operating on Line-2 Yellow Line, 62 Train sets have been manufactured by M/s Bombardier Transportation and 2 Train sets have been Manufactured by M/s Hyundai Rotem.

These 64 train sets are having 8 cars each, 8-cars train consists of a driving trailer car with a pantograph (DT), Motor Car (M) and a trailer car with a pantograph (T).

The main objective of the project is to provide an oil/grease-based Wheel Flange Lubrication System on front axles of both DT cars for the base requirement of lubrication in straight track & also for rail gauge face lubrication on sharp curves in order to reduce vibration and to reduce squealing noise at curves of Radius less than 500 meters.


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