Safeguarding Delhi’s Heritage: DMRC Implements Real-Time Monitoring for Tunneling

DMRC's Innovative Web-Based System Ensures Protection of Century-Old Buildings in Central Delhi during the tunneling work for the RK Ashram Marg and Janakpuri West under Phase IV.

Delhi Metro
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DELHI (Metro Rail News): Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is taking proactive steps to protect century-old structures in congested areas of central Delhi during the tunneling work for the RK Ashram Marg and Janakpuri West under Phase IV. To achieve this, DMRC will introduce a real-time web-based monitoring mechanism to supervise the condition of these buildings.

In the specified corridor, there will be three underground metro stations: Derawal Nagar, Ghanta Ghar, and Pulbangash. These areas are known for their congestion and numerous old and dilapidated buildings. The real-time monitoring of these areas will be carried out from eight different locations, which are spread across  Derawal Nagar, Pulbangash, Nabi Karim, Sadar Bazar and Ghanta Ghar.

According to an official, “DMRC will continuously monitor the condition of these structures once the tunneling work begins. They will utilize gadgets such as Automatic Total Stations (ATS), vibration sensors, tilt meters, and load cells to capture and transmit real-time data to a central system. This data will be processed and shared with stakeholders through text messages and email.”

The ATS will determine the position of monitoring points by measuring angles and distances. Additionally, for its tunnel boring machines, DMRC plans to implement the advanced Beam system (Bore Tunneling Electrical Ahead Monitoring). This system allows the TBM to predict geological structures up to 20 meters ahead, helping to prevent unexpected encounters with filled wells, cavities, and aquifers that may cause ground settlement.

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