Six types of People you meet in Delhi Metro


Hilarious it is, but you must have definitely encountered the following types of people while travelling in Delhi metro. They are quite a bunch to look out for and I am sure their absence would make the journey less interesting.

1. I love reading and you should too

These are the book-lovers of the Delhi metro, who read despite standing in the crowd, flipping through the pages, appearing deeply engrossed in the story. You can make an entire list of ‘To Be Read Novels’ just by noticing the titles of the ones being read by your fellow passengers. If you are not the one who enjoys reading, you definitely will become a forced book lover (grin again).

2. Blah, Blah & you know Blah!

These gossip mongers are of two types; ones who draw their phones closes to their mouth while speaking (implying speaking with boyfriend/girlfriend) and the others who speak so loudly that probably people in other compartment can also hear them (implying speaking with a friend, family member or colleague). Their talk seems endless and they go on non-stop, compelling you to pick up your phone and call someone too.

3. Yawn! I haven’t slept in ages

These are the ones who travel by Delhi metro especially to SLEEP. From the minute they step on the train to the time they reach their destination, you will find their eyes closed. Their heads will take turns resting on the shoulders of fellow passengers, first left then right. It’s hard to miss the frown on the person whose shoulder is the victim here; I comprehend their expression as “Excuse Me! Resting on my shoulder is chargeable at Rs. 100 per second”.

4. Please don’t stop the music

One, two, three…goes on endlessly, when you start counting the number of people listening to music in the metro. No wonder they would have specially created a playlist called “Listen when travelling in metro only”. Not only do they listen to music and go into the flow, with their heads swaying and foot tapping; they also make sure the fellow travellers get a sneak-peak into their ‘Happening’ choice of music.

5. This is the last train of my life

Well, these types of Delhi metro travellers are most commonly found (pun intended). They are the ones who though, transform into Milkha Singhs the minute the train stops at the platform. The hustle and bustle then makes you wonder if no other train will run after that (grin).

6. Are you talking to me?

These are the people who by chance or purposefully occupy the reserved seats of senior citizens and women. The minute someone walks upto them to claim the seat, they either hide their faces in the book they are reading or turn up the volume of the song they are listening to. It is amusing to see the change in their expression; going from “Yo” to “Oh No!”

(By: Ms. Kirti Sinha, A Regular Traveller)

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