Skeleton of elephant, an unidentified animal found near Metro construction site in Pune

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PUNE (Metro Rail News): The skeleton of an elephant estimated to be around 200-300 years old and an unidentified animal has been found at the Metro construction site near Mandai in Pune. The Maharashtra Metro Rail Corporation (Maha-Metro) is carrying out the construction work for a Metro station near Mahatma Phule Mandai. While digging for the Metro station work, the labourers found the skeletons of the animals on Wednesday.

Maharashtra Metro Rail public relations officer Hemant Sonawane said, “We have requested the archaeology department and Deccan College officials to visit the site. We have even given in-principle approval to take these skeletons for further study.”
A researcher from the archaeology department of Deccan College, Pune, was stated saying, “I visited the spot on Thursday afternoon. Earlier, we were briefed that the skeletons were found at a depth of 10 metres, but it was around three metres deep. So, it might be around 200-300 years old. The fossil had not formed yet which means that they are around 300 years old and might be from the Peshwa era.”
He further added, “Hatti Mahal is located near Subhansa Durga which is very close to this place. Elephants use to stay there. One skeleton is of an elephant. We have requested the Metro authority to handover these skeletons to Deccan College for further study and they have given their approval for it.”
“One of our senior scientists said that fifty years ago, the skeleton of an elephant was found near Aryaneshwar. The Deccan College was invited to study the skeletons that time as well,” the researcher said.

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