Study for exploring possibilities of hyperloop corridor in Bangalore

Hyperloop for Mumbai to Pune

BANGALORE (Metro Rail News): According to different reports, The Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL) and the US-based hyperloop technology leader Virgin Hyperloop are planning to conduct a feasibility study to build a hyperloop corridor for high-speed transport between the airport and the city centre.

“An agreement has been signed by the airport operator (BIAL) and Virgin to study a viable hyperloop corridor between Kempegowda international airport and the tech city, covering 40 km distance in about 10 minutes,” a statement said.
“The agreement was signed by Karnataka Chief Secretary T.
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M. Vijay Bhaskar as BIAL consortium chairman and Virgin chairman Sultan bin Sulayem from its Dubai office and exchanged through the virtual mode”, a source added.

Hyperloop is a new transport mode under development to enable high-speed movement of hundreds of people and goods at a time in floating pods through tubes or tunnels above or below the ground. The move will ease up travel in the city and help to enhance the last mile connectivity.

“We are partnering with BIAL to explore a hyperloop between the airport and the city to address the congestion and support the economic growth of Bengaluru,” said one official.

The operator plans to make the airport a transportation hub, connecting people and places through multi-transport modes. Besides a road network, suburban train service and metro rail connectivity are under execution in the third busiest city of India.
The study will focus on technical, economic and route feasibility of the ambitious project in two phases of 6 months each. As technological innovation is key to building and sustaining transportation hub, Marar said the study was a step towards a new mode of transportation with economic potential, connecting passengers at high speeds with zero-emission.

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