Suretech Infrastructure pioneering breakthrough technology in India

Suretech Infrastructure: Pioneering breakthrough technology in India
Suretech Infrastructure is a leading distributor of construction equipment in India. With experience of over 27 years in the Industry, SureTech has been a pioneer in bringing several breakthrough technologies to India. Our primary focus has been in Foundation engineering solutions.  We are also a specializing in Earthwork machinery including excavators, Motor graders and excavator attachments.

To know the contribution of Suretech Infrastructure in metro & railway construction industries in India, Metro Rail News team conducted an interview with Mr. Sunil Newatia, Chairman of the Company. Here are excerpt from his interview:-

  • Please could you give us some background as to your own career and what attracted you towards incorporation of Suretech Infrastructure?

I am a management graduate from JBIMS and started this company in 1990 with foray into distribution of auto consumables like lubes, tyres and batteries. Navi Mumbai was being developed in those days and we sensed an opportunity in construction equipment business. We started our career in this industry with dealership of Telcon and subsequently Ingersoll Rand and other international brands

  • Tell us a little bit more about your company and how it would typically be better for projects than more traditional methods?

We have always focused on hi-tech and latest technologies and niche markets. Labour is getting more expensive and more difficult to get, and hence if you want to execute projects fast and efficient, you have to go foe mechanization. Pursuing this philosophy, we pioneered mechanization in OFC laying way back in 1998 by bringing in a trencher attachment for an excavator. Project implementation speed quadrupled using the trencher in place of manual labour being traditionally used to cut trenches.

  • As we know that your company offers specialized infrastructure and foundation engineering services to infrastructure and construction industry, please enlighten our readers more about your specialized product & services and their salient features.

We are today controlling 80%+ market share in driven piles technology which includes Vibratory Hammers, Impact Hammers, Vibro Floats etc. We are also leading in reverse circulation drilling technology. Besides these we have pioneered several excavator attachments like Milling Planers, Drum cutters, Tree handlers, tetrapod grabs, crusher buckets, screening buckets. Last year we brought in Spider excavators which can reach areas which no other equipment can. Currently one such equipment is working in Sikkim on a ropeway project.

  • How were projects undertaken before Suretech Infrastructure became so prominent and what changes have been made?

Traditionally projects were being executed using labour and mechanical equipment. When we entered this industry hydraulically operated machinery were already getting popular. Our role was to speedily bring the latest technology into the country. However, reluctance of large construction companies in modernizing and changing gear was a major impediment in speedy embrace of the new methodologies. For e.g. we have been trying to bring in screw piling technology into the country which is now very popular in USA, Europe and Australia. This method of piling reduces project implementation time by 75-80% and cuts ground contamination to zero. However, the project authorities have been playing truant and blocking introduction of this technology into our country

Multi Purpose Excavator (PC: KOBELCO)
  • What are the other kinds of players and how do you differentiate yourselves from them?

Our focus has always been of product support. This is the reason of our success and this is what differentiates us from others. For us the job starts after we sell and for others it ends there. We have become a supplier of choice due to our efficient service, troubleshooting and quick restoration of equipment under breakdown.

  • What are the measures you take with regards to quality control?

Basically quality control falls under the domain of equipment manufacturers and companies we represent. On our part, we have selected only the leading manufacturers to work with. As a policy we do not associate with Chinese companies as they are not consistent in quality and policy. Proper selection of companies to work with ensures that we associate with only ethical companies who believe in providing the best to their customers.

  • Tell us about major infra projects undertaken by you and what are the challenges you face when it comes to catering to the Indian market?

We have worked on Mumbai Pune Expressway, DMRC, Mumbai Ahmedabad 4 laning, several port projects across the country. The major challenge is convincing the customer that you get what you pay for! Someone who is selling for less will also provide that is worth only that much. We have never compromised on quality and thus do not sell purely on price.

  • What do you think about metro railway, rapid rail transit and high-speed rail revolution in the major metropolitan cities in the India?

Burgeoning population and growing traffic in metros as well as tier 2 and tier 3 cities, rapid transit and metro projects have become extremely necessary. We are already decades late in planning and due to political stupor. To speedily implement such projects we need to embrace technology. Using conventional methods is not going to help now.

  • What are your predictions for the construction and infrastructure industry in 2018?

We are expecting huge opportunities in infra as govt. has realized that we need to implement in 10 years what the western world achieved in 50!  Several huge projects are already lined up and in pipeline. Why only 2018, we are upbeat that this shall continue for at least next 5 years.

(This post is first published in Metro Rail News Magazine, February 2018 issue) 


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