Swiss-Indian Hyperloop Collaboration: Accelerating the Future of High-Speed Transport in India

Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony
Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony
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DELHI (Metro Rail News): Swisspod Technologies and TuTr Hyperloop, with the governments of Switzerland and India, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish a framework for developing and deploying Hyperloop technology in India. The goal is to advance sustainable high-speed transportation solutions.

Dr. Ralf Heckner, the Swiss Ambassador to India and Bhutan, hosted the signing ceremony, which was held at the Swiss Residence in New Delhi. Ms. Jaya Varma Sinha, Chairperson and CEO of the Railway Board of India, was the chief guest.

Swisspod, a Swiss transportation technology company and TuTr Hyperloop, a deep tech incubated startup at IIT Madras, collaborate to accelerate the research and development of hyperloop systems in India. Zeroing potential commercial hyperloop transportation routes and developing a strategic blueprint for finance and construction goals.

“Government support and incoming investments are driving the ongoing transformation of Indian Railways such that today we have upgraded processes and infrastructure to include semi-high speed trains like Vande Bharat. We will continue to work on incorporating technologies to further build our capacity and I am positive that in the coming decade we will be able to greatly enhance aspects like passenger experience and cargo transit guarantee. It is important not to lose sight of developments that will shape the future of transportation and Hyperloop is an exciting step towards breaking the high-speed transport mold. Safety is paramount and I am sure merging of tracks between great minds and productive energies of India and Switzerland will continue to prioritize it in the development of this technology”, Jaya Varma Sinha, Chairperson and CEO of the Railway Board of India, said.

Both companies plan to jointly design and fund a testing centre in India to refine hyperloop technology, facilitate various experiments, and validate its feasibility in real-world conditions.

“We are delighted that companies such as Swisspod Technologies are already paving the path for the private sector’s leadership in implementing the Trade and Economic Partnership Agreement signed recently between the EFTA countries and India. With the right policy support and FTA agreement framework, I am positive that the economic ties between Switzerland and India will continue to strengthen. Hyperloop is an example of the emerging and exciting technologies of the future and we need to work together to realize the potential of these innovations for the betterment of society”, Swiss Ambassador Dr. Ralf Heckner said.

“TuTr Hyperloop is leveraging the IIT Madras ecosystem and working towards the development of an affordable, homegrown hyperloop solution with generous support from the Ministry of Railways. To realize this objective, TuTr has established a strong working relationship with strategic partners from the Indian industry to develop a full tech stack sub-scale pod prototype. This pod will be operational in the hyperloop test infrastructure facility that is being created at the IIT Madras Discovery Campus. I am very excited about this partnership with Swisspod which is a significant milestone in our journey that has the potential to hasten the introduction of a sustainable high-speed mobility system from India, for the world” – Dr. Aravind Bharadwaj, Co-Founder and CTO, TuTr Hyperloop, said.

“Switzerland and India have consistently enhanced their strategic partnership in the realm of the transportation sector. The signing of this MoU further fortifies the bonds between our nations and underscores our shared commitment to transformative progress. We are honored to contribute to this thriving alliance by advancing and deploying the hyperloop technology in India, transforming its transportation system and setting a global benchmark for innovation and sustainability”, Denis Tudor, CEO of Swisspod, said.

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