Tata led JV received the letter of PMC contract effectuation for the Construction of civil work in the MAHSR Project

The duration of the contract is 96 Months

Four bidders have submitted their bids for Mumbai-Ahmedabad HSR Project
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NEW DELHI, INDIA (Metro Rail News): On 22nd March 2021, NHSRCL opened financial bids for the “Project Management Consultancy Services Construction of Civil Works Packages” for the Mumbai Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail (MAHSR) Project. It includes supervision of all 13 civil works packages, including Viaducts, Concrete/Steel bridges, Tunnels (Undersea & Mountain tunnels), Civil work of all 12 stations, Maintenance depots, and Training Institute building.

According to our source, on 13th October 2021, NHSRCL have given the PMC contract effectuation letter to the Tata led JV.

Joint Venture of Tata Consulting Engineers Limited (TCE), Consulting Engineers Group Ltd. (CEG), Aarvee Associates Architects Engineers & Consultants Private Limited (AARVEE), PADECO Co. Ltd, Japan secured the highest in the technical scores and quoted the lowest bid for an amount of Rs. 1111 Crores and were ranked H1 in the combined scores of technical and financial. The duration of the contract is 96 Months.

The bullet train is expected to run at 320 KMs per hour, covering the 508 KMs stretch from Mumbai to Ahmedabad in two hours. The NHSRCL has, to date, acquired 1,035 hectares of land out of the total of 1,396 hectares required for the project. Of the 74% land acquisition, 96% is in Gujarat, while only 25 per cent is in Maharashtra.

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