The first tunneling drive of Kanpur metro completes

Its initial drive was finished on Monday after the 84-meter tunneling procedure

kanpur tunnel
kanpur tunnel

KANPUR (Metro Rail News): The Tube Boring Machine (TBM) ‘Nana’ reaches its first milestone in building the tunnel for the 4 km long underground stretch between Chunniganj and Nayaganj under the 23 km long Corridor-1 of the Kanpur Metro Rail Project (IIT to Naubasta).
Its initial drive was finished on Monday after the 84-meter tunneling procedure.

The TBM Backup System Unit will now be lowered into a rectangular launching shaft 17.5 metres deep to attach to the TBM’s shield for automatic excavation work.

The tunnelling work on the Nana TBM, which began on July 4, has so far resulted in the installation of 60 rings. As a result, the machine can now advance at 12 to 15 metres per day.

First, the Reaction frame, a steel frame on which the first eight rings were mounted, will need to be removed to lower the Backup System Unit into the shaft. At first, pushing them through the thrust jack Cylinders allowed the machine to advance.
The Backup System Unit is a moving structure behind the shield and contains all the auxiliary systems needed to keep the TBM machine moving forward.
As the machine moves forward, rail tracks are placed in the tunnel to transfer the ring section to the Backup System. An automated cart transports the ring segments to the backup system unit.

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