Upcoming Centrally-Heated Vande Bharat Trains Set to Serve Jammu and Kashmir Region

These new trains will have great interiors and top-notch amenities.

Vande Bharat Express/Representational Image
Representational Image

CHENNAI (Metro Rail News): Chennai’s Integral Coach Factory (ICF) is gearing up to launch distinctive Vande Bharat trains next year, tailored with heating amenities within compartments to suit the conditions of Jammu and Kashmir. The General Manager of ICF, B G Mallya, shared this during Independence Day celebrations. The new trains will have heating and water facilities. The design includes pipes to prevent freezing and damage.

ICF’s goal is to create various versions of Vande Bharat trains. It plans to make 3,241 coaches in about 30 types this year. This includes push-pull trains featuring LHB coaches, providing a comparable experience to Vande Bharat trains in non-AC sections.

These new trains will have great interiors and top-notch amenities, like Vande Bharat. Specially designed engines will be at both ends for better speed.

ICF will also make a sleeper version for long travel, Vande Metro for short distances, and a Gati Shakti for quick freight within Vande Bharat. Gati Shakti will help move e-commerce, goods, and refrigerated items.

Despite challenges, ICF increased the production of new Vande Bharat trains. They have already made 30 trains connecting cities across India. Last year, they made 2,702 coaches, including 12 advanced Vande Bharat trains and 2,261 LHB coaches.

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