UPMRC Adopts Mechanized Cleaning in view of COVID-19 Pandemic

UPMRC MD Shri Kumar Keshav Speaking with Cleaning Staff in view of COVID 19 Pandemic
UPMRC MD Shri Kumar Keshav Speaking with Cleaning Staff in view of COVID 19 Pandemic

LUCKNOW (Metro Rail News): The COVID-19 pandemic has evoked concerns of hygiene, health and wellness that has prompted organizations worldwide to adopt stringent measures to reduce the transmission risks. As India enters Unlock 5.0, the resuming of public transportation services, including the metro, will set the pace for accelerating economic activity.

“In line with the vision to make commuting a safe, reliable, convenient and eco-friendly experience, UPMRC has undertaken various measures for the benefit of the common populace. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, UPMRC has revised the operational framework to adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and thereby regain the faith of its customers. The highlight of these measures is the mechanized cleaning of metro station premises”, the UPMRC said in a statement.

“This operation has assumed significance during COVID-19 owing to its transmission risk through contact. All stations are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized, including the high-frequency touchpoints such as hand-rails, Ticket Vending Machines, Entry-Exit-AFC gates, lift buttons, among others. The Lucknow Metro is being sanitized daily at an interval of 4-5 hours and metro trains twice a day. Mechanized Cleaning scores over manual cleaning due to the former’s contactless mode of operations”, it added.

According to an official, This factor does not only ensure the well-being of customers but also of employees. It is also an efficient mode of cleaning as compared to manual cleaning wherein a shortage of labour, or its absenteeism disrupts operations. Moreover, the extent of hygiene through mechanized cleaning is several notches higher than that of conventional cleaning due to automated operations. The mechanized operations also lead to savings of time and workforce due to its efficiency.

“Although it requires extensive training of workers, it is the cost-effective mode when implemented over the long-run. Mechanized cleaning not only increases asset life; it is also sustainable in the long-run. By using suitable equipment, being thoroughly abreast of the maintenance process and its implementation; it has the potential to minimize chemical and water consumption as well as carbon emissions”, the official added.

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